My first month at Forbes Hunt

“Are you ready to make your first call?” … “Actually, I don’t think I’m ready.”

I’m sure we can all relate to the apprehension and excitement involved in starting a new job. More so when starting in a new field all together.

In January, I began a new chapter as a Resourcer with Forbes Hunt (Links to the company page dotted around my profile). I just wanted to share my experience with my connections and followers. I knew the transfer from High Volume to 360/specialist recruitment would be a complete restart. Going from a job where I dived in with “Hi! Do you want a job?!... COOL, what shift do you want?” (mastered the role in under a week) to a crisp, challenging environment and candidate call role-play drills before being let loose on the phone is refreshing and daunting in equal measures. I know that many large firms get candidates on the phone during the interview process. Isn’t that a little uncouth? Who are these poor sacrificial candidates and how are they selected? Integrity has a lot of weight around here and I for one really appreciate that.

That being said, with Forbes Hunt I feel the training I’m receiving has been unlike the big corp style described to me by every other consultancy with who I’ve interviewed this past year (Not that I don’t see their value). I couldn’t be happier with the flow and the result. Something in which I can already see in myself. Picking up that phone for the first time in under two weeks and progressing towards the results that Forbes strives for is exhilarating and so very rewarding.

“What makes for a positive and productive work environment?” We all see articles with this question in many forms all over LinkedIn and I wont just regurgitate what we have all read. For me as a new-born to 360, I will give you one point; it’s being given the guidance and the freedom to progress at my own pace. Joining Forbes is a unique opportunity. One on one support isn’t something achievable in huge companies, so I jumped at the chance.

The challenge has been really enjoyable and Jack (Director) is a great colleague and leader. With his guidance, I made my first placement within this first month and it was a great fit for the client. One thing I would change about myself? I think that minimising the tangents I naturally pursue (Evidence of which is in the number of parentheses above). Take the pace offered to me and stop trying to cram in all the knowledge and experiences I can, as fast as I can in some sort of animalistic panic. It’s something that will come with building confidence. I’m sure a little time and the continued guidance I’ve received will sort that out.

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